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Refrigerator Repair in Alexandria, VA

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Imagine this scenario. You come home from a hard day at work and you’re hungry. You reach into the refrigerator only to be greeted with warm, stagnant air and rapidly spoiling foods. So what do you do in this situation? Do you order delivery and forget about it? Do you ignore the warm refrigerator and attempt to eat all the food you can? No, you call Same Day Appliance Repair.

While a broken refrigerator can be highly frustrating, it can also be easily remedied. Contact us today and be sure to ask about refrigerator repair. Alexandria, VA residents don’t have to struggle with dysfunctional fridges! Contact us to assist with repairs on the following brands of refrigerators:

• General Electric® (GE)
• LG®
• Kenmore®
• Coleman®
• Bosch®
• Estate®
• Magic Chef®
• Maytag®
• Samsung®
• Sears®
• Sub Zero®
• Thermador®
• Frigidaire®

• Viking®
• Whirlpool®
• Amana®
• Kitchen Aid®


No matter what brand your unit may be, we can handle refrigerator repair. Alexandria, VA residents: contact us to quickly and affordably resolve any problem with your refrigerator.

Freezer Repair in Alexandria, VA

If you think you have a problem with your refrigerator, consider the following! Most often, a problem in your refrigerator is directly related to a problem in the attached freezer section. This is because the freezer is the main component that helps cool and regulate the internal temperature of a refrigerator system.

So when your refrigerator begins to break down, contact us; there is a good chance that the issue may require freezer repair in Alexandria. We repair a wide variety of different style freezers, including standalone units, top freezers, bottom freezers, and side-by-side freezer models.

Most problems that arise in a refrigerator system can be traced back to frost accumulation. Frost is formed when warmer and moister air enters a refrigeration system. Once inside, the air will circulate through the system and eventually settle as frost. The frost then will block air flow and hinder the efficiency of internal parts. This prevents the system from effectively circulating the air, which in turn causes a drastic rise in the internal temperature. To protect the unit, be sure to make sure your auto-defroster is turned on and never leave the refrigerator or freezer door open for too long!

If you need freezer repair in Alexandria, then contact Same Day Appliance Repair. We will arrive within three hours and we are EPA-certified.

Contact Same Day Appliance Repair for fast, affordable, and conveniently timed freezer and refrigerator repair.
Alexandria, VA elderly citizens and military personnel should also ask about our special rates and discounts.
Our service technicians provide refrigerator repair throughout Alexandria.